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Lumina Spark seminārs Business Expo 2013 ietvaros plkst.15:00 – 15:30 Ja Jūs… … meklējat jaunus, efektīvus un aizraujošus veidus, kā [...]


Jaunākās paaudzes profesionāls attīstības instruments, kurš veicina indivīdu, komandu un organizāciju apzinātību kā strādāt efektīvāk, lai uzlabotu kopējo [...]


Dia Logs recommends the conference organized by SSE Riga Executive Education department MotivatedbyHappiness that will take place in Riga on March 7. [...]


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Dia Logs: Vision and mission

Happy people create more value

Vision and mission

Dia Logs increases efficiency of organised groups and improves quality of their work in corporate, public and social environments.

Through personal development talks, group workshops and concrete field implementation, Dia Logs makes people aware of their value for the group, stimulates initiative and develops the sense of responsibility.

Dia Logs supports the vision that happiness constitutes an intangible yet important production factor. By investing in human well-being, organisations create more loyalty, shape their social identity and secure their future growth.

Dia Logs: Organizations

Happy people create more value




  • Organizational development
  • Organizational culture diagnostics and transformation
  • Leadership development
  • Cooperative team development

We support organizations through range of approaches like supervisions, systemic consulting and coaching.


  • Communication: tool for efficiency and motivation
  • Emotional intelligence skill set building
  • Work-life balance – managerial and personnel perspectives
  • Creativity & innovation management – non-technical aspects
  • Value based leadership
  • Change management – resistance transformation into engagement
  • Importance of feminine and masculine roles in organizational sustainability

Dia Logs: Individuals

Happy people create more value



Leadership potential development

Interpersonal communication and relationship difficulties

Achievement of personal and professional goals

Personal awareness and development

Meaningful life targets

Female and male identity


We provide individual support through coaching, supervision and systemic consulting approaches. Additionally we offer opportunity to be inspired through participation into personal development groups, work issue related supervision groups and experience based learning groups.

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Dia Logs partner

Egita Gritane
Leadership & Organizational Development Consultant
Systemic Psychotherapist

Mobile: +371 29462529