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Jaunākās paaudzes profesionāls attīstības instruments, kurš veicina indivīdu, komandu un organizāciju apzinātību kā strādāt efektīvāk, lai uzlabotu kopējo [...]


Dia Logs recommends the conference organized by SSE Riga Executive Education department MotivatedbyHappiness that will take place in Riga on March 7. [...]


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Big Business Day: lessons learned

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Happy people create more value

Big Business Day: lessons learned

We are on the right track!

The awareness about the importance of value driven working relations is growing. Yet, the most difficult part of the work might still be ahead of us!

Whereas most leaders today would agree on the statement that companies that provide an appropriate value frame for their employees will benefit from increased loyalty and commitment from their staff, this aspect does not yet receive the right attention in the concrete short term action plans of companies and organizations.

Initiatives like Big Business Day are of utmost importance to book progress in this field!

When a large number of senior managers can benefit from the knowledge and experience of enlightened speakers who point out the importance of value driven management and who share best practices on how to integrate value systems in managerial behaviours and even in business models, this constitutes a clear incentive to move from ideas to action!

The conference provided an excellent balance between the results of academic work and research and concrete field implementations. Themes like empowerment, entrepreneurship, honesty and commitment were analysed in the light of other factors such as a better balance between family life and work and an improved gender balance in management and board structures.

The next step for many managers who attended the conference will be to decide on how they can benefit from the lessons learned and how they can implement these sound principles in their own company.

This is exactly where Dia Logs can provide them with the needed assistance.

Provide the link between the theoretical principles of social psychology -which include value driven management systems- and the concrete implementation of them on work floor is exactly what we are here for!

People are already the most precious asset and most important production factor of companies and organizations and this statement will become even more obvious in the years to come. It is as crucial to invest in these assets than it is to maintain machines or to develop new products and services.

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