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Lumina Spark seminārs Business Expo 2013 ietvaros plkst.15:00 – 15:30 Ja Jūs… … meklējat jaunus, efektīvus un aizraujošus veidus, kā [...]


Jaunākās paaudzes profesionāls attīstības instruments, kurš veicina indivīdu, komandu un organizāciju apzinātību kā strādāt efektīvāk, lai uzlabotu kopējo [...]


Dia Logs recommends the conference organized by SSE Riga Executive Education department MotivatedbyHappiness that will take place in Riga on March 7. [...]


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Egita Gritane

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Egita Gritane

Egita Gritane combines academic and research activities with work in field as psychological counselor and trainer.

She graduated from SSE Riga with Bsc in Economics and Business. Later she received Masters degree followed by Dr. psych in psychology from University of Latvia. Additionally SSE Riga Executive education program of HR management was fulfilled. Egita has advanced consulting skills under guidance of consultants from St Petersburg Guild of Psychotherapy. Currently Egita is studying systemic psychotherapy and counseling at BSA association in cooperation with IF Weinhem Institut.

First part of her career Egita was leading Raisio plc Representative office of Latvia which is operating in FMCG sector. Her main areas of responsibilities were sales and marketing. Following inner devotion during second part of career she has made the transition to help others improve their well-being both in organizational settings and life. Egita assists leadership and organizational development as well as change management.

Her research interests cover topics of leadership, management of creativity and innovation, importance of feminine and masculine roles in organizational sustainability.

Member of Association of Psychologists
Support Member of Association of Family Psychotherapists

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Egita Gritane
Leadership & Organizational Development Consultant
Systemic Psychotherapist

Mobile: +371 29462529